Loving your self

Hair Survival Guide 101 is a book that teaches you to love yourself for who you are. I can remember father always telling me about the importance of loving yourself under any condition. As a teenager, I can remember feeling uneasy after the big chop. I lost my hair twice. Once due to a medical reason… something that many kids have been afflicted from and it continues to happen (ringworms at the age of 11). I grew it back shortly after. The next time that I lost my hair was  due to the scissor happy stylists that I went to for the first time at the age of 13. Since this time, I have acquired the knowledge that I needed to regain my confidence. I decided to then compose a book with the teachings that I have acquired over the years. If my dad were around today, I am certain that he would not be upset anymore. My dad hated my hair in weaves, but I felt so dependent on them in my late teens. Now I can wear my own hair and I get the weave check, which I have grown accustomed to. By loving myself even more, I have learned that I although I am not my hair, I can improve the natural condition of my hair. Those who knew me for years did  notice the big chop, but not the mini chop.
Hair Survival Guide 101… available on Amazon.com

Guarding and Arming Yourself with Survival Strategies- Official Hood Survival Manual: Staying Safe in the Streets

No one ever said that surviving in the hood is easy. It takes a strong individual to live in the hood. When asked the question, “why do you stay in the hood”. My response is that this is where I feel comfortable. I owe it to the next generation and those who need my help to help them enjoy living a meaningful life while staying safe.
In the book Official Hood Survival Manual; Staying Safe in the Streets, I not only give guerilla tactics as a means of survival, but my co-author PO Block and I have brainstormed and written a timeless piece that entails our story of survival in the hood. Of course some stories were inspired from different hoods in surrounding areas, but no matter where you are you have to find a way to survive. The formula is the same from hood to hood. I turned on the tv today and heard about the Guardian Angels in Paterson due to the killing spree. Well Paterson residents and those in surrounding areas should consider reading the Official Hood Survival Manual.
Life is like a game of chess. The game is old yet we have to come up with innovative ways to survive. If you are tired of living life being afraid to leave your door, then you are making a big mistake. You should be reading the Official Hood Survival Manual: Staying Safe in the Streets. Check it out on Amazon.com

It is what it is

The longest saying in the hood has been, it is what it is. Does it have to stay the way it is? In these new days, it is not enough to just let things be. We have to do something.  In the book the Official Hood Survival Manual by Professor Carmen S. Gonzalez and PO Block, they mention that it surviving in the hood is all about having a strategy. In their selection staying safe in the hood, they state that surviving in the hood takes book and street smarts.
If someone is riding down the street and you hear gun shots what would you do? Most people would duck for cover low to the ground. Who is to say that you will not get shot any way. In these new days we must have a strategy for everything, including what you would consider being the least likely event.
It is what it is but it does not have to be. It is all about finding a solution, even for life’s toughest challenges.

Shopping during a recession

“The definition of the recessionist thinker is one that considers all variables before they buy even the smallest things. They are your bargain shoppers and those who do not shop unless it is dire. ” (Carmen S. Gonzalez and PO Block, What to do during times of economic hardship… Amazon Kindle)
Have you ever felt guilty about going shopping? Well you are not alone. 50% of peope in the world feel guilty about what they buy. There is no need to feel remorse about shopping. Shopping has been known as one of the ways that people deal with depression, especially after a loss (including a job). 
The recessionist shopper has many strategies for dealing with job loss and a decrease in finances. What if I told you that the US has always been in some type of recession and the rest of the world has known this? What if I told you that the recession is a poor excuse for keeping you back and that people around the world have dealt with a type of recession even before you were born?
Shopping during a recession is possible. By using strategy building and building your bag of tricks it is possible to live a fulfillng life. Yes you can, even during a recession. Recessionist shoppers not only shop when it is dire, but shop smart. They always have a plan.