It is what it is

The longest saying in the hood has been, it is what it is. Does it have to stay the way it is? In these new days, it is not enough to just let things be. We have to do something.  In the book the Official Hood Survival Manual by Professor Carmen S. Gonzalez and PO Block, they mention that it surviving in the hood is all about having a strategy. In their selection staying safe in the hood, they state that surviving in the hood takes book and street smarts.
If someone is riding down the street and you hear gun shots what would you do? Most people would duck for cover low to the ground. Who is to say that you will not get shot any way. In these new days we must have a strategy for everything, including what you would consider being the least likely event.
It is what it is but it does not have to be. It is all about finding a solution, even for life’s toughest challenges.


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