Loving your self

Hair Survival Guide 101 is a book that teaches you to love yourself for who you are. I can remember father always telling me about the importance of loving yourself under any condition. As a teenager, I can remember feeling uneasy after the big chop. I lost my hair twice. Once due to a medical reason… something that many kids have been afflicted from and it continues to happen (ringworms at the age of 11). I grew it back shortly after. The next time that I lost my hair was  due to the scissor happy stylists that I went to for the first time at the age of 13. Since this time, I have acquired the knowledge that I needed to regain my confidence. I decided to then compose a book with the teachings that I have acquired over the years. If my dad were around today, I am certain that he would not be upset anymore. My dad hated my hair in weaves, but I felt so dependent on them in my late teens. Now I can wear my own hair and I get the weave check, which I have grown accustomed to. By loving myself even more, I have learned that I although I am not my hair, I can improve the natural condition of my hair. Those who knew me for years did  notice the big chop, but not the mini chop.
Hair Survival Guide 101… available on Amazon.com


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