Dear Irene

Thanks to you, my town is torn to pieces. I know you wanted to make a big impact, but why did you
do it that big. You even got my friends and families in other towns. They can not call me because they do not have any power. 
You could have atleast let us know that you were coming in a nice way. Thanks to you a lot of people were so upset that people could not even go to work. Those who had a chance to get a job are now without hope. Businesses are shut down around the East Coast. Everyone went running and they came back furious to flooded businesses.You left some serious rain totals in my state. I am confined to my home. Thank you Irene, but no thanks.

A Survivor,

Carmen S. Gonzalez, MS.Ed.

Life After Irene

So you want to know how I am doing. Let me start by expressing how I felt about the warm welcome I received from Irene. The strong winds left me breathless. I am so glad that Irene did not send most of out of our houses flying and hanging off cliffs for dear life.
Irene was not the nicest person in the world. She left me laying on my back as I called 911. Now who’s calling and can’t get up…. I know. If only I were old enough for that life alert Imagine a 30 year old pressing the life alert button, “excuse me I need you to get this Irene chick out of here before I send her flying out of my house next.
Irene was crazy, but it was also a hurricane that brought the hood together. We paniced but we also checked on each other by making phone check rounds. No one ever mentioned that Irene left many of the houses in the hood destroyed . I always knew that our houses were not built for heavy rain and hurricanes.
I lost my uncle 5am on the day of Irene. He died in a hospital in Union City. Irene was not the cause. He was very sick.
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Reality Speaks

Reality tv is alright, but at times its hard to follow. I have created Global Video The Prime Urban Way from Jersey, but not the shore… sorry.  How many people from the hood watch the jersey shores and can’t relate. Don’t get me wrong, Snookie and them are sweet, but I will never ever meet them. In North Jersey we are different. You know you are in North Jersey when you hear of people being afraid to come to the Bricks. Newark is not that bad, but no one believes me.

You know the difference between reality and actuality tv when you can differentiate the difference between real budgets and the rich people’s budget. I don’t know about you but right about now, I’d be in the shore chillin with Snookie and them if I were not so concerned with “What to Do During Times of Economic Hardships”. The book is on

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It’s been real 🙂

The Good Old Days

You know you are getting older when you start saying back in my day. Well back in my day I wish I knew what I know now. What not to say when you want to get someone’s attention, and what not to do to annoy them…. beeeeepp!!! Wake up and stop being so freakin lazy!!!
Get out the bed and make it… nobody wants to visit you like this. Get yourself together. Wow the Golden Days… lol.

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