Reality Speaks

Reality tv is alright, but at times its hard to follow. I have created Global Video The Prime Urban Way from Jersey, but not the shore… sorry.  How many people from the hood watch the jersey shores and can’t relate. Don’t get me wrong, Snookie and them are sweet, but I will never ever meet them. In North Jersey we are different. You know you are in North Jersey when you hear of people being afraid to come to the Bricks. Newark is not that bad, but no one believes me.

You know the difference between reality and actuality tv when you can differentiate the difference between real budgets and the rich people’s budget. I don’t know about you but right about now, I’d be in the shore chillin with Snookie and them if I were not so concerned with “What to Do During Times of Economic Hardships”. The book is on

By the way, if you are able to chill in Jersey Shore in the circle please share your experience and tell them Carmen S. Gonzalez said hello… 🙂     Check out my show on
Global Radio the Prime Urban Way….
Check me on Global Video The Prime Urban Way on YouTube cgonzalez110

It’s been real 🙂


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