Effective Ways for Dealing with Emotional Abuse

Many people around the world have been dealing with emotional abuse. Some emotional abuse is worse than others, but no one has the right to be mistreated. There are 5 main things that you can do on your own, however when all else fails seek professional help.  Please be aware that when you seek professional help that this is not a sign of weakness. This is a sign that someone you know and care about may need some help. If you do not care about them then you are sparing the next person who may need help from another cycle of abuse.
Emotional abuse does not have to come from an older person. It can come from small children also. These children are often displayed as the bully and the victim. In other relationships between adults it can be displayed under the label of domestic violence or abuse.
No type of abuse is mandatory. You can always do something about. However, it is not alright to take the law into your own hands. Two wrongs do not make a right.
             1.   Keep a journal.
          2.Talk to a trusted friend/relative
             3.    Confront the situation with a calm demeanor.
             4.    Make sure that you are not over reacting
         5.    Respond with a lot of I responses to convey your message.

Lessons from the Spanish America Revolution

         1. Those who choose to enjoy life without observing their surrounding will see the consequences.
        2.  Don’t expect to treat someone differently in a negative way and then ask for a favor.
         3.  Ignore me and you may need me later.
              4.    Don’t restrain me from my daily needs as a form of control.
           5.     If you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.
Proud to be a Latina American
Do your homework and continue to learn. School doesn’t stop when you leave the building or upon graduation… it goes on forever.
Latino American History Month: 9/15- 10/15

A Lesson from Selena: A Latina Version of a Pop Queen

          This is a celebration of Selena’s life and her dedication to the music world. One cannot talk about novelty in society without speaking of Selena and her contributions to the world. Selena has inspired young girls around the globe through her music. She is one of the women who popularized what it meant to be a Latina woman, by earning the respect of the world.  She took the it’s my way or the highway approach, but in a respectable way.
          Her melodious voice captivated so many people.  Many American youths were into artist like Madonna, Michael Jackson, and Vanilla Ice, during the 80s, but when Selena came around, so many young Latina women saw an additional icon, and her name was Selena.
          Selena was not born with a lot of things, but she gave novelty a new name. She sang in Spanish and English, and she opened up a clothing store.  Her name continues to live on as the legend that showed that it is cool to be Latina.
Here’s to Innovating American Culture…. Here is an amazing Latina artist who will always be remembered for breaking down the barriers in the world.
To all of the Latinos/Latinas in the world: Happy Latino Heritage Month:
9-15-2011 to 10-15-2011

10 Questions to Think about….

Have you ever asked yourself these questions….
   Who am I?
    Why am I here?
         What is my purpose in life?
    What is my true talent?
     How can I become a better me?
    What should I be doing with my life?
     What would make me happy?
    If I could start over what would it be?
        Is it me?
                      What if….?
The answers to these questions are to…
          Relax and enjoy the ride.
            You only live once.
         Don’t let anyone steal your happiness.
         Go for it!
These are words of inspiration for where ever you are in your journey through life.
Hope this helps.

Family Values

          Being a Puerto Rican in the Americas is a very enlightening experience.  It amazes me that people often are in shock when I tell them the history of Puerto Rico. I was raised in the United States. I was born in the United States; however, my roots are in Puerto Rico.
          As a Puerto Rican America, I have learned that our roots are everywhere. Puerto Rico is a mixture of different cultural backgrounds. We are united through our Spanish language; however there are so many Puerto Ricans in the United States.
          This year I reconnected with my family in Puerto Rico for the first time.  We found each other online.  It was the most exhilarating experience of my life. I have been trying to find my cousin Carmen Julia forever. Her mom Chris passed away years ago when she was a baby.  I promised my uncle Lando that I would find her. This is the only missing link.
          On the strength of family, I have learned that we can recognize family anywhere. I do not know what it is. It is the most miraculous experience ever. I believe that in time people will eventually reconnect with their family but it takes time.
          This Amazon of a life is a mystery, but the best part is that you can call your family find them on your Android or Touchpad and you can see the world with such clarity. Over time things will change, because the possibilities are Endless, even as we are in the process of Innovating American Culture and adding to the world.