Sisters are forever

Birth of the Movement: A SweetHeart’ Story (High School)

Once upon a time there were a group of girls called the SweetHearts. They were raised in East Orange, NJ. Hate has always been in the air from all angles. This positive group of young ladies has always been enlightening.
Some of them are doing work in fashion, education, business, etc…. You name it,  and they are inspiring someone in some area of the world. Imagine a world with less violence in the world. Gangs were not popular in the 90s. Sweethearts were taking over East Orange, NJ at the time.
The reason I have decided to write this blog is to thank the SweetHearts… my older sisters for life for giving me the confidence to reach the potential that I have reached this far.
Prof. Carmen S. Gonzalez,MS.Ed. was called Innocent because she was the baby sister of the group who they wanted to remain untainted. Carmen S. Gonzalez, MS.Ed. is a world renowned educator, motivator, radio host on Spreaker-Global Radio Prime Urban Way, writer on Amazon, promoter for PO Block, sister, daughter, and much more. Check out her youtube videos… cgonzalez110
She is the owner of
The Official Hood Survival Manual
The Smart Guide to Overcoming Anxiety
Hair Survival Guide 101
and much more…
just google her
Prof. Carmen S. Gonzalez, MS.Ed as she changes the world one day at a time.


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