9/11 Ten Years Later and within this Time Span

     10 years ago on 9/11 I was a struggling student trying to make ends meet. I was a struggling student who was also  struggling with life in general. Within those 10 years I had ups and downs. I was no different from the rest of the world.
     The Government was making up grants for people to create cures for diseases such as Cancer. My dad was diagnosed with Cancer. I researched ways to help people, especially my dad get cured from Cancer. The cancer cells remained in remission. My dad lived for 7 years after being diagnosed. He departed life because of a stroke, and not Cancer on Jan. 8, 2010.  People at the WTC were coming out of all areas of the Tri state saying that they had Cancer.
     A lot of families were creating new additions to their families after 9/11. You would have sworn it was the rebirth of the baby boom era. Well I do not have any children. I was popping out degrees and certifications like crazy. Now thanks to Gwyn, I have been blessed with the chance to audition for my new career. Stay tuned very soon for updates. I was also creating new books like crazy within this time frame. I went from laborer to educator within this 10 year time frame. Thanks to Gwyn, I have been given a second chance after my lay-off. I am a professor who is also an actress thanks to Gwyn and her advice. I have been creating videos like crazy.
     Within this 10 year time frame I lost family members like everyone else. I lost my dad, my uncle Carmelo “Pepo”, friends, and co-workers. I have gained deeper relationships with friends and family. I struggle to fight for the freedom to be economically secure, but I am one of the most hopeful people in the world. Call me Wonder Woman if you want, because with the strength of God I have been touched by miracles, despite the pain.
     I am a teacher, actress, singer, professor, writer, model, rapper, motivational speaker, and much more. I am innovative, determined and ambitious. I am Carmen S Gonzalez, MS.Ed…. a fighter with a cause. 10 years later after WTC, I remain strong.


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