Beyonce Inspired Survival Tactics

   Beyonce has inspired many people although she may not realize it. This Destiny’s Child member has reinvented herself in so many ways. She is Living Proof that surviving an economic recession means changing and evolving with the times.
   I believe that anybody can be a teacher, despite what some educators may feel. Everyone can learn something new from another individual. It does not matter what genre they are working in. Like Beyonce, I had to learn to reinvent myself during times of hardship.
   Beyonce began singing as a member of a group of girls that was very successful. Success comes with time, but they have demonstrated that with determination you can make record breaking sales. It does not matter how old you are or how young you may be. Anyone can find that inspiration. Beyonce is fortunate to have a supportive and loving family that has a background in business. She has a clothing design business called House of Dereon, she’s an actress, a solo artist, and much more.
   I have a loving family, like Beyonce. My family is not world renowned, but my friends respect them. My family has encouraged me to go for my goals and never give up. I live life with a purpose of inspiring and motivating the youth, especially my sister and my brother. I have been fortunate to make strides in my life that have been unimaginable. I have been layed off by employers, despite my hardwork, but I have learned that with hardwork, determination, and persistency I can reach my goals. I am looking forward to meeting with Gwyn shortly. I had to reinvent myself by creating a string of businesses under the umbrella Prime Urban Books. I guess you can call it a book of my life. I have a radio show called Global Radio Prime Urban Way, and I am always promoting using social media. I am still a professor.
   We can be summed up with one strong term: Survivors. She wrote the song with Destiny’s  Child, but I live it. Do I believe Girls Run the World? Of course we do! Like Mary J says, I believe that the Living Proof is right here. I will be a living legend, because I am a survivor… Watch out world!!! 🙂


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