The Conspiracy (A Teacher’s Story) part 1

There once was a teacher named Ms. Guzman. Ms.Guzman was non a tenured teacher, but she turned herself into a teacher who showed results. Ms. Guzman already knew what was coming when she signed up for the job. Of course there were people there that were always watching. Most people call them the Establishment. They only allow a group of people into their circle that is willing to brown nose or show their loyalty through certain measures that are anything but ethical.
Ms. Guzman knew it was a conspiracy that was coming shortly. She knew this when she was hired and switched to more schools than anyone in the district. Ms. Guzman was placed in the best and worse situations. She was placed with the best students and the worse students. With every group they learned to love her and respect her.
Ms. Guzman saw the problem begin when she met an Establishment professional named, Jazmin Hurstford. Ms Hurttsford calls herself Dr. Hursford, but she never had a doctorate. Ms. Hurtsford has a Masters Degree, but loves the power of being called Doctor. Ms. Guzman and Ms. Hurtsford both have equal qualifications.
Ms. Guzman came in as a vibrant, young, teacher who was eager to make all of her students succeed. Ms. Hurtsford got a promotion. Until this day, no one knows why Ms. Guzman got fired, with her record breaking record of showing progress, while Ms. Hurtsford got a promotion.
One day, Ms Guzman decided to ask Ms. Farro why she was getting fired when her students always pass the test.  Her response was, well I can not do anything about that. Ms. Hurtsford loves you so much that she is making me fire you.
Ms. Guzman thought this was crazy. She does not understand how she could get fired after her school passed the state assessment. This was something the governement wanted from the local to the federal government.
Ms. Guzman saw that they were having job fairs, so she attended all of them. She went to interviews and everything. They all replied we are going to hire you, let me get in touch with HR and they will send you a letter.
Ms. Guzman waited days and called again. Nothing became from this. She waited a month. She could not contact the people at the school. All of a sudden she hears that they are combining schools and they will not be able to hire her, however she learned that this was not planned. How do you plan this behind the person’s back who is running a school.
She knew at this moment that it was a conspiracy against her. She was layed off because of the economy. The school district was given Millions in funding. She was sure that she would be rehired. Ms. Guzman waited and waited but she was not called for work.
Everywhere she applied to, they never called. Ms. Guzman was told that she would always have haters. She was beautiful, smart, creative, and she was a fighter. She often wondered if it was a sin to be so fabulous.
She then reacted by turning her energy into a world wide innovator with a voice of a million people. The spirit of Pac came into her. Ms. Guzman said that she would fight by any means neccessary.
Ms. Hurtsford did not hear from her in a couple of days. She did learn that they could possibly be doing things behind the scenes. Ms. Hutrsford was a cynical being that only a mother could love, but Ms. Guzman has a spirit that was so infectious that you could not help, but love her.  She did not give up.

All of a sudden (To Be continued)


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