CNN: President Obama ‘Good education equals a good job’

Just like Obama I never accepted failure as an option. I believe that a failing school can turn around with
persistency. The proof is in my students test scores. My students passed the test, because I was determined to make sure that my students would be able to compete with the entire country. I went above and beyond the curriculum and my students passed the NJASK3. It is unfortunate that with all of my hardwork, I was layed off. I was fired for no reason. I was not called back. Could there be an alternative motive beind the people that layed me off? The world will probably never know. All I know is that I would definately want a teacher for my child that gave them the motivation and inspiration to out perform all of the nay-sayers. I am living proof that anything is possible. My students made the school be able to compete above and beyond many schools locally, statewide, and world wide. I am not ashamed to say that I am a teacher that gives children hope. I told them that they are the best in the country and they are. It is too bad that this school district decided to lay me off because of another motive. I taught in a failing school district. I turned around the future of children in this school. If I could track their progress forever I would. It would be exciting to know when my student grew up and how successful they will be.


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