I Added More Effort and Best Practices the resuts were Passing Scores

I agree with Christie. I added more effort into my practice and that yielded great results. If you see the previous post, I show proof that more effort equals good results. I was layed off this year, and it is so sad. My students gained tremendous results on the test and now they are going into advanced programs. My students were effective readers,writers and overall students. I prepared them to compete with the world. One thng that helped was that as a college professor I see where they need to be. Like Chris Christie says we should be adding more into the teaching practice. I added a lot more because the test scores passed the state test. This is our country’s mission. It is not only ethical, but I would prefer a teacher for my child that showed progess over anything else. I am not a teacher who subtracts best practices and being ethical out of the equation. I divided my attention my special education background in order to reach passing scores. Anything else would reach exponentially lower results.


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