Outsourcing of Funds and Jobs

Outsourcing of funds is taking money away from our local community and sending it to another area of the world. Outsourcing can be done on a microeconomic or a macroeconomic aspect.  Outsourcing of funds can impact the local community in a negative way.
                Imagine a world without college educated students. Now imagine a world without college students being able to give back to their local town or community. By allowing the outsourcing of funds you are allowing people all over the world and outside of local communities to come into a community and take the American dream away from those who are rightfully owed the opportunity to rebuild their community.
                The outsourcing of jobs has affected many teachers across the globe.  As a teacher from New Jersey, my career has been outsourced by another organization that was hired later on. This organization was hired to keep great teachers and get rid of teachers who were not doing their job. My students passed a state assessment. I was laid off and not brought back to work.  Could this have been done illegally? HR2587 is a law that was passed today. The National Labors Relations Board can continue to encourage organization of public workers. As a public worker we can seek the assistance from any organization, when our rights have been violated. The National Labor Relations Board can continue to protect our rights as public workers, and we can continue to fight for our rights on all levels.
H.R. 2587: Protecting Jobs From Government Interference Act
112th Congress: 2011-2012
To prohibit the National Labor Relations Board from ordering any employer to close, relocate, or transfer employment under any circumstance.

                I often wonder if people understand what these laws mean. Many people are afraid to read and interpret the laws for understanding.  Outsourcing is defined as obtaining goods and services from an outside supplier.  Many people do not understand what terms like outsourcing mean and how they affect our communities.  Outsourcing of jobs can affect many people in many areas of the world. Outsourcing of jobs can increase the economy outside of the local community, and make your own people impoverished. Look at the state of the budget today. Look at teachers who cannot do their jobs, because they are sitting at home after being fired without a cause. Their jobs have been outsourced to a new teacher without experience, and they are given less money.   According to this law our work as teachers cannot be transferred for cheaper labor.
                Outsourcing of funds has affected the local community, because there is great talent right in the local community.  Great educators often suffer when an outside organization comes in to do the hiring. Many of these outside organizations do not understand how personal the job is for the local workers. They have a personal connection to the local community and the productivity of where they are from.  The government can continue to do their job. Their job is to make sure that our country grows. The National Labor Relations Board and Local Unions can continue to have the protection to fight and give us a voice.


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