Culture and Hair as a Coping Mechanism During a Harsh Economy

   Culture is a way of life.  Are you feeling stressed during these critical times? Women across the United States have been stressing over their image for centuries. This economy is not a reason for forgetting about how you feel and your hair. Today’s economy may be a global epidemic, but many women have learned to deal with this dilemma in a new and healthy way.
During this economy many women have been stressed out. It is evident in the amount of women that are going shorter and shorter in their hair as a new image. Many women would argue, don’t take it out on your hair. Hair is seen to women as their crown and glory. Some women cut their hair because they have learned to embrace their heritage and they want to go shorter. Some women want to go shorter because they are vulnerable to stress and it results in hair loss.
I can remember in the late 90s when a lot of women would hang out at the hair salons and they would make jokes about the kitchen perms. Some women took these kitchen perm jokes as a way to create their hobby into a lucrative business. They decided to open up their own hair salons.  They have continued to make money during this economy despite the opinions of outside sources.
There are many ways that women are coping with hair loss during this economy.  A group of women have depended upon the hair boards. One of the most renowned hair boards is a site called  Hair Sistas is a site that is ran by a group of women that believe that you can grow long, natural, afro-textured hair.  These women come from different backgrounds and they are the new movement against “scissor happy stylist”.
If you are an individual that is interested in healthy hair care then the Hair Sistas will teach you how to get there. These women value their culture by making sure that they keep their hair in a healthy and manageable fashion. If it were not for women like the Hair Sistas and their platform, many women would have a difficult time with hair care maintenance and unmanageable stress. The economy is not a reason for these women to end their movement. The economy is a reason to empower women around the globe to be creative and to continue to manage their hair despite an economic pandemonium.   As the women of Hair Sistas would say “HHJ”!
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