Krump Culture

                    Krump culture is a way of life in the West Coast. Krumping is a style of dance that is composed of various forms of dance intertwined into one form. Krumping began on the West Coast by a group of dancers called the Krumpers who later became the group Street Kingdom. The Krumpers have done movies such as Stomp the Yard and Rize.
          The Krump movement has transformed into a worldwide movement. The East Coast has a new Krumper called the East Coast King of Krump. The East Coast of Krump is unique because he formed a new style of hip hop where he includes Krumping into his stage performance.
Interview with the East Coast King of Krump
PO Block (GlobalThugz- Def Jam recording artist)
I feel like I mastered something that people cannot do. I brought it here. I have been dancing since the 80s. My favorite type of dance was break dance. Mobb Deep inspired me to rap back in the 90s.  I am also a rapper. Stomp the Yard inspired me to Krump, because I battle. I did not care about Krump until I saw Stomp the Yard I. Krumping goes hand in hand with my rap music. Krumping was just krumping. People never had krump dancers in the background and now GlobalThugz bring this together as a new form of hip hop. We bring dance to rap. GlobalThugz are the new ThugLife global innovators. We are so hot the people feel heated because the show is over after us. No one ever wants to perform after us, although they promote peace.

Get Back (Move)-  Official Krump Music by Global Thugz (East Coast)


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