Hip Hop Global Enlightenment Era

          Not too long ago, hip hop artist were discussing how hip hop was dead. The truth is that the hip hop culture is evolving into a global business that is transforming life. Hip Hop began as a culture where people vented their frustrations through music. Most of these lyrics were based on poetic devices that many could not understand.
          Hip hop as a culture has transformed into a creative technique that is changing the economic structure of the world. Those people who are gifted and talented in this area are able to change lives by giving the future hope and enlightenment.
          Hip Hop culture is more than just a genre of music. It inspires lives. Many artist view hip hop as a competitive sport such as boxing; however this is not a physical boxing match. Hip hop is a genre of music that changes your image on life and helps you focus on words to help one communicate a message effectively.
          On September 2, 2011 GlobalThugz performed at Elmwood Park in East Orange, NJ at their Summer Jam Performance. This was one of many of the shows that they have participated in where they were given great ovations for standing up for the youth of this community. They encouraged parents to take care of their children with a sense of conviction and assurance. Children from the crowd rushed to the stage, while artists PO Block and Kelo were doing their performance.

          Like Globalthugz is making strides in the area of Hip Hop evolution, Diddy is an artist who encouraged many people to go and vote during the 2008 election. This was one of the biggest turn outs in history. He encourages people to use their right to vote, because we are the voice of the government. Without the people, there would be no government.

          Artist Eve of Ruff Ryders started a clothing line. She also began an acting career. In addition she defied what society thought of her and succeeded in her rap career.

          The game of hip hop is evolving into a Hip Hop Global Era of Enlightenment. It is touching the lives of many businesses. It is improving children’s academics. The next time people say that hip hop is dead, just think about the clothes that the youth like to wear. Think about the way they communicate. Hip Hop is a culture that continues to inspire Global change more than 30 years later.

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