5 Be Job Hunt

     Be Creative

There is more than one way to get noticed.  Make a

 statement in a way that makes you remembered.

For Example-

Stay focused on different issues in your field…

    Be Assertive

Not everyone knows what you want from an 

employer. Not everyone knows what you are

looking for. Do not assume anything.

    Be Aggressive in your search

Do your homework. You should always be 

searching. Nothing comes to those who are not


 Be Cordial

Always remember to have manners. Manners and

 respect will take you a long way.

    Be Noticed

Do not expect people to know who you are. Get

 your name noticed. Make connections and make

 your name and your mission viral.

When in doubt always remember, devices like

 Androids, Kindles, and any other devices come in

 handy. Search and browse as often as possible.

 Stay tuned for more information. Click, Browse,

 and Learn on:


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