Mindful Job Creation

    President Obama will be signing a bill today for job creation. Many people are skeptical of his job creation plan; because they say that it will not cause a creation of jobs.  Job creation will be possible with cooperation.
   It is reported that 9.1% of US citizens are unemployed.  This does not account for the many Americans who are not reported as being unemployed. The culture clash is not the government’s fault. If people are refusing to hire to make a statement then of course job creation will be impossible.
   To create jobs, Americans need to be mindful that job creation starts by the individual. President Obama is one of the only presidents in the country that are proactively seeking an answer to beating all of the bullies that are leaving more than millions of Americans in poverty. The reason why so many American citizens are unemployed is because many people are receiving the backlash of this culture war.
   Why not tax the rich? Taxing the middle class and the poor will only leave in an even worse situation. With the cost of living always increasing, life is so hard that we may be in a state of cultural genocide.
   Many skeptics are blaming Obama for job losses that are a result of unfair labor practices. President Obama is fighting for the many Americans that are often under-represented.  Taxing the millionaires is not only fair, but it would not make sense to tax someone who is poor. What is taking away from someone who has nothing going to prove?
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