4 Part Confidence Builder to Counteracting Negativity (AKA. Beating The Haters)

1.  Highlight something great about yourself upon waking up.
When life deals you the worse cards look in the mirror and find something nice to say about you, because there is someone beautiful in everyone.
    2.  Cut out the negativity that is channeled into your life.
Know that throughout life you are not going to have the world accept you. Do not let these negative things replace what your mission is.
3. Replace negative thoughts with your positive mission.
Everyone in this world is important. Play your part in this game of life. You are no different.
     4. Part of winning the battle of negativity is self- reflection. If you make a list of all of the great things that you have done, you will see how important your life is. When people disapprove you, then it is because people may see what they want in their own lives.

With all of the people have difficult relationships it is no wonder that the world is confused. Remember that the only person in this world that you have to please is yourself.

If you have a problem in the area of fear and building confidence to deal with the anxiety of life, there is always help available. 

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