Your name is everything. Making sure that you highlight the best things about your name is the most important part of life. The image that you portray carries on throughout your life time.
Many parents like to do research on baby names before they name their child. It is unfortunate that a lot of lifestyles are affected by a name. Many people are often stigmatized for different reasons, especially after a world wide disaster.
Placing a stigma on someone because of their name can be changed, by the choices we make in the future. The United States is unique because it is a mixture of different culture. There are some Global figures who are often stigmatized for reasons that are beyond their control.

Barack Obama shows that your name is your name, but you give your name a purpose. You give your name the image that you want it to convey.

Yes my name is Carmen…. my name is Latin for song. My whole life feels like a musical. If I could, I would listen to music 24 hours a day. I was raised playing music and dancing. I was heavily engaged in music. I tried the chorus as a child, but I only sing when I feel silly. This is my coping mechanism for anything. 
What does your name mean? You can check 
Does you name reflect you as a person? Explain.


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