Why Innovation is important

Our culture depends on the  creativity. Of course there will be days when not everyone accepts everything. That is the beauty of USA, innovation is accepted and honored.
Imagine a world without theories and laws in math and science. If people like Galileo were not brave enough to challenge theories such as the world not being flat, then we would be afraid to go off to sea and explore.

Innovation came from exploration. Exploration has grown so much, because we have a new form of exploration that is called the internet. The internet makes it possible to not only attend school, but also see a world of opportunities. You can complete classes and courses online, because people took this risk.

Innovation may seem like trial and error in the beginning, however in this culture the world can now collaborate in many ways. Innovation is necessary to have because it helps us learn new ways to survive in a complicated society. Innovation helps to do things that are once impossible such as saving the world.

The next time that you think that you are not able to do something. Keep in mind that nothing is impossible…

This comes message is from someone 
who has not done a cartwheel in ages… How I spent my summer… innovating and creating hope.


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