Religious Freedom

Religious freedom is beautiful…
        You cannot acknowledge being American without knowing why we are here. Our country was formed due to the desire for religious freedom.  We became our own country and we became a country that acknowledged differences. One of those differences was that everyone prayed to their own God.  We acknowledged and believed.  This was one of the strengths of our country. It is so sad had some people forget about this fundamental value of being an American.
        People were questioning our president because he was different.  We do not choose our names or our culture that we are born into. President Barack Obama is a president that acknowledges these differences and does not judge people because they are different.
        Without religious freedom we would not have a United States of America. We would still be held in a state of imperialism. We became strong because we had a vision. It is unfortunate that this beautiful concept of life is often forgotten.
        We must continue to reflect on this beautiful concept of freedom. Not all people are the same. There are nice people in every religious group. There are also people in this world who are not as pleasant. However, we are in a country where we must accept the differences that are part of making us one nation under God. This will make it indivisible with liberty so that all will have justice.  We should all respect each other for who they are as a person. A religious belief is a part of that freedom.



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