Classification and Socialization

        People around the globe form some type of classification system. Although it is not intentional, people do it all of the time. Today’s modern day classification system, consist of the go-getters, the facilitators, and natural born haters.
          The first classification system is a person who goes after what they want. Most people are quoted as saying they hustle by any means necessary. A go-getter is proactive and they know what they want. In other words they are determined to reach their goals and surpass them by any means necessary.
          The facilitators are the people like go-getters but they help the world to achieve their dreams. The facilitators seek after positions that are mostly in the helping field. Facilitators are also innate go-getters, in their own way, because their goal is to achieve success in helping someone.
          The natural born hater despises any and everything. They will talk negatively about everything. They refuse to acknowledge when someone is doing well. They would rather steal your happiness as opposed to congratulate you on a job well done.  A natural born hater is a person who snatches hopes and dreams.
          Society may impose that they are not natural born haters.  True go-getters and facilitators do this to change the world.  Where do you fall in this new classification system?

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