Classification and Fear

        Fear can impair so many things in life. Fear can inhibit your desire to excel in anything. People in the field of psychology have stated that fear comes from anxiety of the unknown.  
        Fear of life is dangerous. Fear of life is fear of survival. Our body responds on the principle of fight or flight responses. One incorrect response can change your life. “The Smart Guide to Overcoming Anxiety” is a book that teaches you how to deal with these responses in an appropriate way.
        Fear of acceptance has impaired the youth in so many ways. Fear of acceptance is so cruel because it impedes your progress. Fear of acceptance is the reason why so many young women are afraid to run the world with confidence.  Sometimes this fear comes from being judged because of the way you look. “Hair Survival Guide 101” is a book that counteracts fear of acceptance by allowing yourself to acquire new ways to feel confident about your hair.
        Fear of change is very lethal because we are in a society where change is inevitable.  Thinking outside the box is more than critical thinking. Fear of change is no longer an option in this world, because the concept of Social Darwinism is very real. “Innovating American Culture” advises the world on how to truly be innovative to avoid fear of change.
        Fear is dangerous, but it does not have to be. The books discussed can be viewed on the side of this blog. How do you manage your fears?

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