Family Values

          Being a Puerto Rican in the Americas is a very enlightening experience.  It amazes me that people often are in shock when I tell them the history of Puerto Rico. I was raised in the United States. I was born in the United States; however, my roots are in Puerto Rico.
          As a Puerto Rican America, I have learned that our roots are everywhere. Puerto Rico is a mixture of different cultural backgrounds. We are united through our Spanish language; however there are so many Puerto Ricans in the United States.
          This year I reconnected with my family in Puerto Rico for the first time.  We found each other online.  It was the most exhilarating experience of my life. I have been trying to find my cousin Carmen Julia forever. Her mom Chris passed away years ago when she was a baby.  I promised my uncle Lando that I would find her. This is the only missing link.
          On the strength of family, I have learned that we can recognize family anywhere. I do not know what it is. It is the most miraculous experience ever. I believe that in time people will eventually reconnect with their family but it takes time.
          This Amazon of a life is a mystery, but the best part is that you can call your family find them on your Android or Touchpad and you can see the world with such clarity. Over time things will change, because the possibilities are Endless, even as we are in the process of Innovating American Culture and adding to the world.

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