Oh Canada- My Visit

      It has been more than a decade since my trip to Canada. This was my first time out of the country.  I was in middle school at the time. I can remember feeling so welcomed by the people of Canada as we united through music.
     Thanks to my band director over a decade ago, I continue to use trips such as this as inspiration to want to do more. I am not sure if the purpose of this trip was to see our potential back then as global innovators, but I guess it worked.
     I can remember my band director assigning each of us a pen pal. We had to write to our pen pal every week. When we met our pen pal for the first time we were so happy. The people of Canada welcomed us with open arms.
     I do not know if I will ever visit Canada again, but I remember how beautiful it was. The environment was so clean. Since my visit to Canada years ago, I have learned that we need to appreciate our space.  Sometimes a little goes a long way.
     This is what the book Innovating American Culture is all about. So many people talk about innovation, but innovation comes from inspiration. Get inspired with the book Innovating American Culture.  You just never know what it may do to your spirit.

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