A Lesson from Selena: A Latina Version of a Pop Queen

          This is a celebration of Selena’s life and her dedication to the music world. One cannot talk about novelty in society without speaking of Selena and her contributions to the world. Selena has inspired young girls around the globe through her music. She is one of the women who popularized what it meant to be a Latina woman, by earning the respect of the world.  She took the it’s my way or the highway approach, but in a respectable way.
          Her melodious voice captivated so many people.  Many American youths were into artist like Madonna, Michael Jackson, and Vanilla Ice, during the 80s, but when Selena came around, so many young Latina women saw an additional icon, and her name was Selena.
          Selena was not born with a lot of things, but she gave novelty a new name. She sang in Spanish and English, and she opened up a clothing store.  Her name continues to live on as the legend that showed that it is cool to be Latina.
Here’s to Innovating American Culture…. Here is an amazing Latina artist who will always be remembered for breaking down the barriers in the world.
To all of the Latinos/Latinas in the world: Happy Latino Heritage Month:
9-15-2011 to 10-15-2011


2 thoughts on “A Lesson from Selena: A Latina Version of a Pop Queen

  1. I do not know what your cultural background is, but you will find that there are many similarities between all of our cultures. I learned about the history of my culture on my own. The most meaningful part of education is when you do a little research on your own and put it to practice. I love Selena's music, and there are so many musicians around the world that should be recognized. I often post information about musicians that are renowned artist so that people can build a connection, however there are so many great artist around the world that should also be recognized. Watch out for the new artist that I will introduce. There are so many out there, yet only a small percentage are seen in the world. Like someone tweeted a while ago… the person who tweets the loudest often gets seen the most. Selena was one who refused to stay quiet. This is why her music lives on. Thank you for taking the time out to read the post and for responding and for the wishes… 🙂


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