Respect is big issue

Where does respect come from?
If you are like most people, it comes from home. Respect is taught and fostered amongst the responsible people in your household. When respect is not taught in the household it turns into a complete disaster.
A small percentage of people in the world believe that they are not responsible for teaching respect anymore. The truth is that with the older generation getting older and older, we must take it upon ourselves to use this as the opportunity to teach respect.

The Right Way
There is a right way and a wrong way to teach respect. The right way is to teach it by modeling what respect looks like. When you see a younger person walking down the street and they are not being respectful., then it is your job to correct them. You may save them from a life of eternal lockdown or death.
To model respect, means to show them what it looks like and sounds like. This is just a basic principal of good teaching, but it is something that can be implemented universally. I will always remember when my mom and dad would teach me how to study as a child. Studying began at school, but my parents modeled it for me at home. I would sit at the kitchen table, and read with my parents. They read the newspaper and I had to read the school books. My mom was taking some classes and she made me study simultaneously. The most important part of the lesson was to show that studying was possible and how it was done.

The wrong way
Corporal punishment is never the answer. We can never assume that everyone understands everything. Not all children understand what respect is or how it is done. It truly takes a village to raise a child.

Ask for help
If you need assistance on how to teach this concept. Feel free to go to Go to the webstore and ask the professor. It is confidential.

Respect goes a long way. You can even save a life. Respect can save another child from spending 25 years to life in prison.


Beat the Germ

Germs are everywhere. They are inescapable. How do you ensure that you do not get sick this season. The weather is unpredicatable. it changes from hot to cold and warm to hot. With this comes harbor the germs and set them free. This is all in the cycle of life. How do you ensure that you do not get hit in the crossfire. This is what I do. This is my definate school essential. What do you use?

I am sitting here very thankful… because most people would have been in a worse situation. It’s great to always have a back up plan… As cloudy as my mind feels (I do not know if I have an allergy or a cold), The pollen count feels high… I am still fighting it in my own way…

New Ventures

So I started 2 new blogs

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Hope is not Dead

     Hope is not dead. As long as we are fighting for what we believe in, it will always be around.
Those who stay quiet, are the first ones to get the worse results.
     Imagine life if Dr. Martin Luther King Jr or Malcolm X did not fight? Our lives in the United States would be in worse conditions than what they currently are.  A life without a fight is like a life without hope.
     Hope is when we remain optimistic about our future. Hope does not end with a major loss. It inspires us to excell in everything that we do. Hope is a best friend, because mentally, it helps us to not give up.
     Hope begins with a dream. Dreams give us direction. Without hope reaching our dreams will be like being lost in the wilderness without a compass.
     The next time you see that person that steals your hope, just walk the other way. The next time you hear a hope snatcher, ignore them and reflect on what you want. What are your dreams and wishes? Let these dreams and wishes drive your future, because hope begins with you.

 Hope starts with you and living the dream

Problems with Stereotypes in the world

Stereotypes come from people’s preconceptions of the world. It is so sad that people let these steretypes define who they are or what is the acceptable norm. Many people may feel that they do not have these preconceived stereotypes, but is this true?
The sad truth is that many people are offered jobs or rebuffed a position because of stereotypes. I can remember hearing about a couple looking for a job. They used two different names and used another location as their residence. The upsetting factor was when they both called for the same job using two different accents and two different hometowns, as well as two different names. The name that appeared more American in the suburban hometown, with the most American accent received the most praise. Job offers were given left and right.
What is in a sterotype? Where does it come from? Would you respect me more if my name was Amanda or Brittany? Would you love me more if my hair were a little more straighter? These are among some of the many concerns in this world that should be addressed. This is the reason why self-love is so important. Self-love, respect, and awareness can win over anything