Celia Cruz

I will always remember my dad’s story of when he saw Celia Cruz live in concert in Puerto Rico. He told me that she was like the Michael Jackson of the 80s only it was long before this when he saw her live. My parents had all of her records. When she passed away, I felt like I lost my family. I did not realize how funny she was until I perused through some of her videos. I will never understand why she said Azucar (sugar) during every song, but I can assume that it is kind of like Karate. In Karate they yell out Kia!!! Ki is energy. I tried it and yes (Ki) really is energy. Azucar I guess is her Ki. Everyone has their thing. 2 pac… Feeel Me, Elvis … uh huh huh, Biggie Smalls… uhh, Diddy… take that take that, Jada Kiss… uhh haaa  (cough), Celia Cruz… Azucar!!! Get the picture… Now I have to figure out what my thing will be. What is your favorite form of energy? Where do you find your inspiration?


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