Latino American, Taino, and Caribbean

The Taino Indians are a group of people who inhabited the Carribeans and Puerto Rico before the “founding” of the Americas. This indigenous group of people were said to be inexistent, but my belief is that the world is a mixture of different cultures. As I look at my baby pictures, I do not see one distinct group… Puerto Rican. I see a beautiful history. I can remember someone asking me, Professor what type of hair do you have… I said… according to, I believe that my hair is like 3B/3C… straight but curly… tight/curly hair, but kind of on the loose end. I am still learning about my hair type and how to care for it properly, but my hair has made so many strides.
Check out Hair Survival Guide 101 on the side of the blog to see what I mean.

My family may be a little upset about me putting these pics up… love you… 🙂 But just in case someone says, “what does a Taino Indian look like”… well I do not know anyone who says I am 100% taino, because like I said, we are a mixture of different cultures now, but I would guess if you know a Puerto Rican… then you have met someone who has Taino blood in them. As the video states, Taino Indians have traveled to many places.

 This is my Cousin… she has a twin… sorry no pic available yet… I’m comin for you too cousin… beware… 🙂

 Yours truly

 Aunti and cousin
I encourage all to pic up a camera and start flicking away… My cousin thanks me because she is the one who usually takes the pictures… Now look. I am filling in. I even gave her pre-wedding pics and everything. My aunti comes like once a year from PR and I always have my camera ready.

Also for more information about Taino Indians and the history of Puerto Rico… check out this video

 Have you done your research lately? What do you know about your background?

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