Satisfaction and Work

What is the true meaning of satisfaction? Many people think that satisfaction comes from being rich and famous. Some people say it’s when you get a pay check.

Satisfaction can mean so many things. It has many synonyms such as gratification, approval, redress. These are all nouns. In these new times, gratification is the closest term that comes to mind for the job market. There are so many reasons why people are unemployed. For those that find it as more of a gift than a curse, I congratulate you.

The way the times are going. Gratification should be more than just money. Satisfaction should have a deeper meaning, because you only live once. Sure satisfaction is great when you get a couple of dollars in your account, but does this make you fully gratified and fulfilled as an individual.

Consider these questions on your quest for your new life:

What makes your satisfied?

         In terms of your relationship

         Your health

Do you know what you want?

-Want to work alone?- Why?

– With people?   Why?

How important is independence for you?

What makes you feel respected?

Once you consider these areas, then you should consider the next move; finding your new life. That job that finds you satisfaction is right in your corner.

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