Amazing Adventure during Latino History Month

Well I have learned that being Latina is contagious. PO Block is now learning Spansh thanks to yours truly… 🙂

He is also an educator and he teaches them what I teach him.

Soon Globalthugz will be completely Latino, because Kelo will also be learning Spanish pretty soon… he just does not know it yet.

They have inspired me to do this video

This link is just one of many. Just because I speak Spanish it does not mean that I can not enjoy hip hop. It’s crazy because I have learned so much about my self this month.  I do enjoy my Spanish music, but it is not wonder that latino and hip hop culture has become so similar. We have the same roots. This is why some rappers like Fat Joe will rap mostly in English. It does not mean that we do not comprehend Spanish. We relate in both languages. We love our culture, but I can guaranteed you that most of our friends may be 2nd generation and up Latino Americans or non Latinos, but this is just a matter of choice.

You can find GlobalThugz on the side of the blog. Until this date I am still convinced that Globalthugz has a major Latino influence.

Amazing reflections as a Latina are apparent in this book. It’s amazing how a lot of other cultures have also benefitted from this book.

 This book is influenced from movements such as the great migration from Puerto Rico to the Americas… thanks to my dad. I’m glad that I put this out before he passed away.

  Innovating American Culture… well being Latina has a big part of this, but all culures have contributed.

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