Problems with Stereotypes in the world

Stereotypes come from people’s preconceptions of the world. It is so sad that people let these steretypes define who they are or what is the acceptable norm. Many people may feel that they do not have these preconceived stereotypes, but is this true?
The sad truth is that many people are offered jobs or rebuffed a position because of stereotypes. I can remember hearing about a couple looking for a job. They used two different names and used another location as their residence. The upsetting factor was when they both called for the same job using two different accents and two different hometowns, as well as two different names. The name that appeared more American in the suburban hometown, with the most American accent received the most praise. Job offers were given left and right.
What is in a sterotype? Where does it come from? Would you respect me more if my name was Amanda or Brittany? Would you love me more if my hair were a little more straighter? These are among some of the many concerns in this world that should be addressed. This is the reason why self-love is so important. Self-love, respect, and awareness can win over anything


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