Hope is not Dead

     Hope is not dead. As long as we are fighting for what we believe in, it will always be around.
Those who stay quiet, are the first ones to get the worse results.
     Imagine life if Dr. Martin Luther King Jr or Malcolm X did not fight? Our lives in the United States would be in worse conditions than what they currently are.  A life without a fight is like a life without hope.
     Hope is when we remain optimistic about our future. Hope does not end with a major loss. It inspires us to excell in everything that we do. Hope is a best friend, because mentally, it helps us to not give up.
     Hope begins with a dream. Dreams give us direction. Without hope reaching our dreams will be like being lost in the wilderness without a compass.
     The next time you see that person that steals your hope, just walk the other way. The next time you hear a hope snatcher, ignore them and reflect on what you want. What are your dreams and wishes? Let these dreams and wishes drive your future, because hope begins with you.

 Hope starts with you and living the dream

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