Catharsis theory of prayer

When we pray it is a catharsis that exist that affects the reward center of the brain.  It is a opiate release that ultimately makes us feel better.  As the catharsis takes place or emotional release and the opiate regulatory system combine during prayer,  we tend to be relieved of pain and stress, because of it.

Catharsis theory comes from psychoanalysis and Sigmund Freud’s theory of aggression and anger.  During prayer when we release our anger by talking it out,  it feels like a weight has been lifted. 

As endorphins are released from the opiate release centers during pain then we feel less hurt. 

Both theories can be concluded to work during prayer , because Innocent the main character explores how to help her heart heal over time and grows more and more in love.  See her journey through time in this lengthy text, which can help you learn more about: love, prayer, positive affirmations;
while including psychoanalysis and physiological psychology.  According to Fox5NY you can even see what happens in prayer during an MRI.

Cookie Cutter C.

       Who is Cookie Cutter C?  An individual who is a force to be reckoned with.  Cookie Cutter C.  does not bow down to any nonsense.  When she likes something then she goes all out for the win.

    Once upon a time,  Dapper D. was a figment of Cookie Cutter C.’s imagination.  All of a sudden Dapper D. became a reality that had to be fought for with a zero tolerance rule.  See what she does to make it work. 

   Who is Dapper D.?  What makes their bond strong and unique? 

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Narrative Collection_Super power?

If you had a superpower what would it be and why?  There are times, when we need to step out of the box and we feel like a super hero at the end of the day.  No one has to get hurt, and we realize this as we all age gracefully.

People change, careers change, but this does not make us ultimately who we are.  Everyone goes through something at some point in the life that appears to be a wake up call for some.  We even become a new character in our mind to refute all the bad in society. 

We can all innocently and lavishly live a life that appears to be of animosity.  Or we can take an alternative route and forgive ourselves first as people.  The choice is ours at the end of the road for at times it may be a dead end for some. Then again, we  can reduce calamity by forgiving the rest of the world too.  Living humbly is the best way to live.

In this book,  I created many characters that are mostly females,  some hurt and some not.  Some reached an alternative decision.  It has to do with some present day situations that occur in life.  Some are helped some find an alternative solution. 

In some narratives they feel like the sequel may be TBA.  This is a collection of short stories and I created, because I am attempting to make them affordable to general public that may be underemployed/unemployed and love literature, but can not buy a lot of it. 

This book is not bilingual, please do not feel offended, but I forgot to make it bilingual this time around.  I might make it bilingual the next time around. 

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Does your reward system need help?

Something other than the token reward system can be used to help your Emotionally Disabled Child see their success. Do you find that your child is too young or bored with stickers?  Do you have a tangible prize that doesn’t work?
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