Case of Speech Sound Error

These are three of many cases explored.

No Puta is a speech sound error.  Gusta is the Spanish word for like.  G and s are omitted and substituted with no word other than a word that means no female dog by accident.

In the case of Br this is a sound distortion. Sound distortions have a special treatment which I have developed in this book.  It usually occurs when a child has a lisp, however it can occur in other cases.

In the case of mamama this is a babbling of simple consonants.  Babbling is consistent in the infant/toddler years.  By the time they turn age then, something different must happen.

Do not accept foul language or inappropriate language as an excuse for a speech sound error.  It does not matter how young the child is.  If they are doing this out of modeling poor vernacular then what a shame.

Do not leave Br and other unfinished sounds uncorrected.  Learn more with this book.

I stopped this toddler from using this word by correcting the problem using a specific method.  Learn from this book. I have examples of what I did to correct the problem and the stories that I read to the toddler daily.  Learn more with this book  Click on the link.

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