Innocence Lost

The story of Innocence Lost is an inspirational story about not giving up.  Although things in life my change, never forget about how it all started.  Do not give up on love, no matter what.  Innocent and Dante are two characters in the story. See how their relationship grows over time. 
What would you do if you lost someone special, and almost lost another one shortly after due to an accident?
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Ideas for Helping Multiple Disabilities

Imagine saving individuals from destructive lifestyles either in the home or at a school. Feeling like a superhero, The Big Purple Dinosaur, and an Educator that wears many hats.  I can remember being told that my job was to entertain, while I thought that my job was something else.  All of this leading to this book filled with ideas that have not been borrowed but earned through research and on the job experience. 
As a Special Educator,  I have created this book to help individuals that need advice on how to help children with various disabilities that people do not talk about often.  I give a prognosis and an educational like treatment. 
This book is filled with lots of stories and ideas that I have used that work and are teacher created.  If you are seeking help then look no further. 
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What to do during times of economic hardships

During times of economic hardships, some people may encounter some new forms to create income that may be legitimate.  Do not end the concept before you try it.  These strategies do not only help if you are going through financial difficulty but it helps to form new habits that are of enduring knowledge.

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