We have a right to be free, yet many choose to feel oppressed.  Not knowing where your next meal will come from can feel a little scary, but it doesn’t have to.  Choose to be free with these tips.
Here is a vast collection of ways to stay free.  Read selections that help promote financial freedom, remain stress-free,etc…

Have you ever wondered how to reduce anxiety, because of your goals being hindered?  Anxiety can be a generational epidemic that can be treated in other ways.  Do not feel restricted anymore.

Free your mind now.

Freedom is a right that should not feel deterred.  

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Human Metamorphosis Journey 2

Pheromones can attract and repel… (C.S. Gonzalez, Human Metamorphosis, 2017).  Do you believe that you can change a pheromone in your body?  The body is evolving into a different being daily.  This is evidence from the Neanderthal man of the past.  Can you truly attract and repel an individual using a change in your pheromone?

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Sometimes it takes a little more effort than you believe you needed to have to achieve that desired result.

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When one finds that they are constantly doing things to their body that they would not ordinarily do then more than likely, they were probably around toxic individuals. 

What is a toxic individual and how can these individuals be repelled so that you no longer have a problem in this area?  Click on the link to learn more…


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“There are times when we must confront our direct fear.  Through the process of extinguishing out inner fears we can continue to conquer them.  Begin the process of extinguishing your fears by introducing the stimulus response little by little.”  (C.S. Gonzalez,  Human Metamorphosis, 2017) 

To omit an undesirable stimulus response there is something specific that needs to happen.  The end result will be a complete transformation.

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