Word of the day:

Synergetic – adj- to work with, cooperate


I wish we could all be a little more synergetic.  This type of personality could make the day run a lot smoother.  By not rushing each other and taking your time to plan your day, it can help calm your nerves.


I will be synergetic and work cooperatively by taking my time before I perform a task.


What will you do to be more synergetic?


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When enough is enough

Once upon a time, there was an individual with plenty of patience. Then one day it was sucked away by an energy vampire. After a while, this individual had to learn to say no because, enough is enough.

All it took was a wake up call. If your assets are running low. If your energy feels drained. Enough is enough.

You know that love is real when the other individual doesn’t try to drain you. Enough is enough. There needs to be equality or keep it 100 miles away.


Word of the day is eradicate.

I will continue to eradicate and do away with the need to accept an individual in my life if their goals do not match up with mine. By eradicating and doing away with the idiosyncratic demeanor of a certain kind, I will feel a lot better.

I will eradicate a need to take a break today. I will work straight through and eventually be done with my day on time. I will just have a small meal on the go if needed, but that is about it.

What will you eradicate today?

30 Day Work Out Challenge

During this 30 day challenge we will do 30 days of a work out of your choice. However, the trick is to mix cardio with strength training for 30 days straight. Work out for as long as you’d like, but do not get obsessed with time as it will not make a difference with the end result. Plus you do not want to get tired of the process or discouraged.

Use a journal to record what you did during your routine. Post your results here.

My goal is to maintain a size where I can wear sizes that keep me able to fit Aeropostale sizes. Right now I can wear a Large. I would like to go back to Medium. I can wear Medium in some department stores.

Before Picture: Monday- 1-29-2018


You don’t need major equipment to make it work. Post an after picture 2-28-2018.

Update: Today is day 3. Do not forget about stretching. 2-1-2018

Update: Day 4- I have been sleeping like a baby at night, with more energy in the morning.

Update: Exercise common sense, because your body will tell you when to take a break.




Today is the last day of the 30 day challenge.  Hope you had fun.   I have never been one to feel weak, but this challenge made me feel more like I had to do it.  Whenever I felt like I had to stop I just pushed myself and did it, because it was my promise to myself.  This is a way of life.  Do not give up now. No pain no gain was what I was told when I said I was tired, but did not want to give up for anything in the world.  Sleep patterns are back to normal.  I get up on time for work.  Thanks for following.  Look for the next challenge coming soon.   BTW… My joints have also come back to normal.

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