Icy Conditions in Essex County, NJ

This winter storm stopped a lot of activity in Essex County, NJ.  I speculate that a state of emergency will continue in NJ, because this is a reality.  We will not have it easy, if we have to suffer from slipping and sliding on the sidewalks and the roads.

The wind on the East Coast lead us to icy conditions.  Practice caution by any means necessary. Slick roads created by black ice can be a little tricky to drive in.  It can be even scarier to walk in.  One slip and fall can cause a life time of problems for some.

The freezing point of water is 32 degrees F or 0 degrees Celsius.  The temperature will be below that at 3 degrees F.  I am sure that it will feel like below 0.  This is hazardous weather.  Even worse than a blizzard, but it is the aftermath of the first Winter Storm of 2018.





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