Money Matters

Can money hurt your relationship?  When you hook up with someone in a different tax bracket, consider several things.  What is your personal goal and how can it affect you as a couple?

This is very important, because you want to be content.  In general it is best to leave money out of your conversation, unless you plan on being in a situation that can hurt you in the long run.  

Money doesn’t have to be the center of every conversation.  Try to search elsewhere for free things that you can be talked about for hours at a time. Try talking about something that is not the center of work.

1. Food:

Alkaline diet, no high fructose corn syrup

2. Personal challenge

Growing hair to hiplength

3. Clothes

Change color scheme

4.  Exercise

Alternate top and bottom half daily

5.  Personal records

To walk across town and back although I have done over 11 miles before

6.  New Trade

Learn to build something small for work and to probably sell.

7.  New News

Ostrich clothing, global warming may be back

8. How I feel and why?

I feel a little sick because I went out in the rain last night.

9. Animals

Animals with long legs can run fast. Comparative psychology.  

10. Shows I have seen this week: 

The 4

I think that Dionne Warwick’s granddaughter will win.  


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