Born Free for a Reason



Only 50 hours left to strike a deal. The Republicans want a wall, but what happened to the reason why the US was founded, freedom. It could be any of us going through this many years ago.

Think about it, the people who provide many services that we use daily all do jobs that would be impossible for us to perform alone. I have learned something very important from immigrants, although I am a citizen. It doesn’t come easy in this country to survive and somehow they make it work.

USA is like a sanctuary. We need to keep it this way. If overcrowding is a fear, then it should be solved in a more humane way.

  1. Pay as you go citizenship can help grow our economy if money is an issue.
  2. Give back to the community you want to reside in and show proof.
  3. Petition and state your claim as a productive member by going to school/or working.
  4. Keep most practices in place that make you want to be a productive citizen.
  5. If more people were encouraged with better pay there would be no drugs, guns, and murder in the world.
  6. There needs to be a happier medium.



PR had no electricity for months in some parts.

Puerto Rico has no electricity and I do not understand why our government is treating PR like a second fidal. If I could make a difference in my Homeland through heredity, then I would. I may have only been there once my entire life, but I would love to go back and help if I knew how.

The truth is that we are no better in NJ. The amount of homelessness and joblessness is sickening. So I decided to create my own policy to create my own resources to help what I can help.

If you want to help Puerto Rico or DACA kids which could be our friends, it is important to remember where we could all be if it were not for our past.

  1. Dr King saw a problem and resolved it through peaceful marches.
  2. President Obama decided to run for president and he won and made a difference.
  3. Harriet Tubman freed people from bondage.

So many lessons can be learned. Selfishness was never part of the deal.


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