My Idea of An Update is a Total Reuptake

Read this for some inspiration:

My idea of an update is a total reuptake. I’d rather make myself beyond happier knowing that I’m in control of my own happiness. When was the last time you treated yourself?

Imagine going through a young adult life feeling hurt, and all of a sudden you are free of the torment by a miracle. Learn how to escape turmoil and engage in a positive metamorphosis. Emerge from a cocoon of a lifestyle into a beautiful individual that does not have to hurt anymore.

Learn how to incorporate the ideology of a reuptake and free yourself of anguish. Escape the evil of the world and see what it means to have a real update in your life. Do not feel like you are used and abused in any way and earn your freedom.

A reuptake is to an update as a cocoon is to a human wanting to break- free from hurt. The only difference is that people sometimes confuse this for a procedure that is chemically induced. It is a total reformed way of thinking, because it is the total individual. Unfortunately, most individuals see it as something that is a taboo.

How to engage in a total reuptake:

  1. Treat yourself to something positive.
  2. Remove the negative energy
  3. Clean yourself up.
  4. Meditate to sleep.

To learn more:


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