mimic- v- to imitate closely.

There are people in this world that mimic things that they are not supposed too mimic, only because it can be fictional. If people began to mimic the positive and not what they think is cool then this would be a better place.  I do not ever remember mimicking anything negative for I do not consider myself a follower of negative things.  If anything, I would rather consider myself leading for the greater good.


Have you ever mimicked something that you regret?

I regret the phony bologna individuals that I thought were friends that I had in my life.

See Phony Bologna and the 7 Virtues and learn how I beat the fakery.




Vibranium weapons are imaginary weapons created from which Marvel movie?

If the world were full of them we’d be in deep mess. People would abuse them like the Second Amendment and try to justify things other than self defense. I agree that they should stay with Wakunda completely, because people would go chaotic.

Then again the antagonist was trying to stop the oppressor.

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Let Go…


There comes a time when one must let go of the past to move on. Cutting ties with the pain is power, because it makes one stronger. It helps for an even better future.

It does not mean that a life long friendship doesn’t exist, but sometimes it helps to keep great memories sacred. If one ghost you do not take it personal. Take it as a sign that they decided to leave your memory as a great memory, but had to move on to make things right.

Let go and let God find you a happy zone of your own by not stalking your past. Let it go. Peace.


Taking a Chance


Once upon a time, an individual took a chance. It was not long when they realized what they wanted. Then they took a chance and went all out.

When have you ever went all out to make sure that your long term relationship worked? Sometimes one needs to take a chance to make a special situation work. Check out the story every one is talking about on this site.

When was the last time you took a chance on a big obstacle?


You won’t ever be sorry. Go here today.