Minimalism: Beauty and Clothes on a Budget

Imagine living minimally on just 30 outfits.  Well I tried this last year.  I rewarded myself with new attire for the new year.  I also decided to visit my favorite stores in the hood on a very small budget.  Is this bad for business.  You may not even be missed, because the establishment will still be around.


This year I will declutter part 2: My beauty regimen.  For 2018, I will aim at reducing my pjism.  I already got it, a little goes a long way.  Does it work? Of course if you can equate it to medicine and an OD then so are beauty products.  Use it until you can’t use it no more then move on.

Results of last year and minimalism:  I tossed a lot of things that I no longer use or could no longer sell on ebay.

This year I plan on keeping my beauty regimen on a small budget by using it all up according to my prescription like procedure.

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