Hair Survival Guide: Protein

Hair is made of up mostly protein.  My growth process has been a challenge since last year, but I will not give up.  I am back to being consistent with my protein regimen and I will not give up on it.  I believe that by incorporating more protein in my regimen it will work. This is why I use it midweek and on the weekends as part of my regimen.

However, there comes a time where you can have protein overload, and you have to reduce the amount of protein.  This is when it has to be alternated.  At what point do you alternate your protein before you realize that you have an overload?

There are hard proteins and proteins that feel a little softer, however they all do the same thing at the end of the regimen.  In Hair Survival Guide 101, my hair grew to BSL before I cut it back to SL after a catastrophe.  Never take it out on your hair.


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