Positivism and Social Order

August Comte- 1798 -1857 can still be relevant.

Question: What drives social order in a once chaotic household?


Going on more dates with your loved one and forgetting about external factors can decrease chaos at home by refocusing on your goals of why you fell in love with to begin with.

After observing a series of broken homes, they all had one thing in common, all spent less time trying to make it work due to falling out of love. Sometimes some factors are beyond our control. We may fall out of love with an individual due to the other individual being a :

  • substance abuser
  • recidivist
  • underemployed/unemployed
  • nothing in common

There are certain factors that can fix any chaos, but one must go with their own heart and originality to make it work.


See books such as The Long Distance Relationship: How to Make it Work


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