Life in an Urban Community of Dying Youth

When was the last time you encouraged the younger generation to go do something positive. Unfortunately in the state of paper chasing we forget that in life people need to count their blessings first. I encourage individuals to do something different to earn an honest living every day.

Drop the weapons and pick up a book and earn an honest living. I thank God for jobs like Ups and my first doctor for saving my life. I could have been in bad shape. I remember those words get a career.

I mentor individuals as much as possible because it is the best thing to do to shape the world. The youth need to see something that doesn’t involve negativity. They lack structure because many people missed the class on wrapping it up. So as baby raises babies with out structure then they end up bringing themselves up in an evil and devilish way.

I don’t know what happened tonight but when you hear babies dying from gun shot wounds it bothers me. I remember taking a juvenile delinquency class in college. I had to create a policy to minimize crime.

#1. Earn and Learn

My policy is to mentor the youth. Close your legs and wrap it up. Better yet stay innocent and distract yourself with a book and earn an honest living. This earned me three degrees and I consider my writing as a doctorate self proclaimed in its own right.

#2. Curfew should be in place for people in their 20s to early 30s too.

I didn’t move out until my mom felt I was ready at 29 years old. I already had a career.

#3. Have a hobby that works.

You can do anything from home that is constructive. Tape it. Technology is a beautiful thing.

Making the Bed

The top sheet debate…

Top sheets well I think it is not hygeinic to skip it. I agree that in the winter put it on top of the heavy sheets. In the warmer months I like top sheets because it feels cleaner.

According to #fox5ny, millennials are ditching them.

Well I do not agree with millennials because there is so much room getting sick without sheets. Think about it. That extra layer can keep one very warm. If it gets warmer in your home then the a/c alone will get you sick without the extra layer.


Being completely comfortable in your own skin can feel like rocket science. From perfection being photoshopped to getting procedures done life can feel overwhelming for some. Confidence is feeling great about how you feel no matter what other people may say.

I believe that the beauty industry is great for showing you to highlight the best you. Clothes you wear also tells a lot about and individual’s affect. Definitely your smile, but a lot of people can feel discontent.

To have self confidence learn to not regress to the point that made you lack a positive feeling. Do not make excuses for throwing yourself under the bus. Stay away from negative triggers.

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Work out and Vitamins

Well my work out regimen has been a part of my life on a regular basis. Vitamin supplements are just as important a long with nutrition that is healthy. Always listen to your doctor with supplement advice.

I will be sure to pick up my supplements ASAP. I already know what I need because it has been working. When your body is deficient more than likely you will know.

Overall, a great routine is consistency. I start off very light when I am starting a new week. Then my body will tell me what to do next.

I work out because I want to. It is not forced. With or without actual machinery I create a system for endurance that works.

It is impossible not to OD on anything. If not you can hurt your body with anything including something like vitamins. If you feel pain then stop. Push only when the pain subsides and do not rebel against your body.

It is not the time you put on but form that is important. It is not the heavy amount of vitamin you put on, but what your body needs. Everything should be in moderation.

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Pain and Abuse

Has pain tripled in the world. According the CNBC there is a stigma that has hurt many people due to morals. These individuals once given a legal opiods become addicted to street drugs. 3-21-2018

In my opinion, pain can be reduced by learning to tolerate some of the pain. One has to teach their body how to readjust pain receptors in the body. Try to see how your body feels, before you run to an individual that specializes on pain management, and learn a new alternative to what you would have been prescribed.

  1. exercise and stretch
  2. rest
  3. replace the thought of pain with something fun that can cost you almost nothing.
  4. Have positive thoughts.

Have a goal that you stick to weekly. Aspire to become pain and abuse free. Relax and learn not to be up tight, but remember that at the end you are the most important individual.