Sullenly Content

Have you ever run into someone with a sullenly content type of life? Like a cloud of sadness hangs around, but they seem to make the best of it. At times they may attempt to separate themselves, but sometimes they can be energy vampires.

For my next 30 challenge I will perform an external make over. I will perform a baggie treatment for my hair and not reveal my ends until 3-29-2018. This treatment will be done at bedtime every night for 30 days. No pictures until 3-29-18.

Incentive will be a new hat or hair accessories for fun. No direct heat allowed. Only hooded dryer. Of course if hair doesn’t respond well don’t force it.

This will hopefully repel energy vampires by keeping positive energy.


I was so stressed out or my hair is addicted to heat. Maybe a combo of both. I fixed it by washing my hair thoroughly instead of a cowash midweek. I hope to have a better week. Enough is enough. Energy vampires had to get it because I am was so exhausted and my hair felt it.


See Hair Survival Guide 101 by Carmen S Gonzalez, MS.Ed.


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