Cardinal Rule Challenge

cardinal- adj -of basic importance

The cardinal rule is to try to remain unbiased when it comes to ideas in terms of different styles.  Around this time of the year,  people start feeling comfortable with the weather and begin to take off layers like hats.  The cardinal rule challenge is how many layers can you keep on until you start feeling like you are baked.  The purpose is to instill creativity in wardrobe and style.  I did pretty good last year.  I know that I can do it again.


Spring is coming and I am willing to turn over a new leaf and begin to layer up as much as possible in order to show the next generation that you do not have to remove layers to be cool, literally.  It is all about materials that flatter and keep you cool this year.  If we had a real cool down then the summer is going to be bad.  I still believe in global warming, but it got cold this winter very fast.  The cardinal challenge is about keeping layers on.


It may help reduce some sickness around flu season next time around.

Self-esteem booster

Great example


A nice wardrobe, consider your old stuff for Halloween or PJs

Thank you


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